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I write music in a variety of mediums:

  • concert band
  • full symphony orchestra
  • brass band / brass choir
  • chamber ensembles
  • chiptunes/video games
  • cue-music for podcasts and new media
  • popular songs

Concert Band

Please check out my publishers' websites for PDF score samples, recordings and ordering info.

CL Barnhouse Company
Eighth Note Publications

With One Courageous Voice

With One Courageous Voice

Gr. 2.5

With One Courageous Voice (2019) is an expressive and uplifting selection that honors the democratic process, and those who participate in it – both past and present – whether through voting, serving, or even drafting the founding documents which make our democracies what they are today. The music invokes ideas of compromise, self-reflection, history and duty. An introspective and uplifting work for the developing band!

The Builder

The Builder

Gr. 2

The Builder (2019) is a dedication to the creative process and to those who create - whatever that might be - from idea, to construction to the unveiling of the creation. Hammering, metallic sounds evoke working with something physical - perhaps some kind of flying machine. After many hours toiling, brainstorming and incubating in the workshop, the inventor finally lets their creation fly.

Saugeen Shores Overture

saugeen shores overture
Preview Score   Audio

Gr. 4.5

Saugeen Shores Overture (2017) was commissioned by Southampton Summer Music, a music education Summer camp in Bruce County, Ontario, in order to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

It premiered in the summer of 2017, and was performed by the Southampton Summer Music Festival Winds, David Leach, conductor.

Exultia! An Overture for Band

Exultia: An Overture for Band

Gr. 3.5

Exultia (2006) is a fresh and contemporary concert piece, celebratory in nature and perfect for concert or contest performance. Based on a single melodic theme that appears in a number of exciting variations and incarnations. Lots of driving rhythms and harmonic twists provide a composition that will hold your students and audiences’ attention.

Kanata Spring

Kanata Spring

Gr. 3.5

(2007) An original hymn tune (loosely based on 'O Canada') forms the basis of bold fanfares, lush lyrical settings, dramatic melodies, imitative counterpoint and surprising harmonic twists. A variety of articulations and dynamic contrasts will show off your ensemble’s versatility.

Brass Band / Choir

The Builder (arr. for Brass Choir by David Marlatt)

The Builder

Gr. Medium

The Builder (2019) (Brass Choir arr. D. Marlatt) Check out the brass choir version of The Builder.

Chiptunes / Video Game music

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Music for new media

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Podcasts / Cue Music etc

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Notable Works

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